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Rising Tides: Live Painting & Storytelling with Monica Gewurz

Jun 22– Jun 23, 12 - 5 PM

Ukama Gallery, 1802 Maritime Mews, Granville Island

Average sea levels have risen along most of the B.C. coast over the past century. While scientists rely on charts and graphs when presenting the effects of climate change on water levels, Vancouver-based artist Monica Gewurz, who is both a scientist and an artist, decided to create a series of paintings to bring awareness to this important environmental issue in hopes of inspiring action. Ethereal sea-scapes and jewelry in this exhibit are the artist’s personal way of connecting with the physical and spiritual aspects of nature. Gewurz offers an abstract interpretation of our precious environment that is being threatened by climate change and rising water levels, expressing the power and beauty of our world's oceans. Her mixed media paintings are inspired by water’s reflections, textures, colours and patterns, that are everywhere evident in the Canadian west coast. Meet the artist at Ukama Gallery, watch her paint, chat for insight!

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