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New works by the world-renowned artist Dominic Benhura

Dominic Benhura is a once in a generation artist. Born in the small town of Murewa in Zimbabwe, he began his career at the age of ten as he was inspired by his cousin and mentor Tapfuma Gutsa, the acknowledged leader of the second generation sculpture movement in Zimbabwe. Dominic is able to mix the traditional aspects of Shona Sculpture with a more modern approach, which makes his work energetic and captivating.

Dominic's new body of work showcases the artist's affinity for portraying children's playful innocence, as the sculptures convey whimsical imagery of children playing, along with family bonds and mother and child, which are more traditional subject matter present in Shona Sculpture. He enjoys working with the harder variety of stones, such as Springstone, which gives his work a striking look.

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