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Welcoming new sculptures by the master carver Tafadzwa Tandi

Tafadzwa Tandi comes from a family of sculptors and has been carving since the age of nine. His experience carving stone his whole life has given him an extreme prowess in carving realistic depictions of the human body as well as abstracts, even in semi-precious stones, which very few sculptors are able to carve, earning the title of master carver.

This new collection of work by Tafadzwa Tandi is comprised of Serpentine and Semi-Precious Stone sculptures of various sizes, all carved from one piece of stone. Tafadzwa has also used Aquaprase, a beautiful Semi-Precious stone discovered in 2019 to carve many of his new sculptures. See Aquaprase Sculptures >>


Aquaprase is a Semi-Precious stone that was discovered in an undisclosed location in Africa in 2013. After years of careful examination, it was declared a new stone in 2019. It is part of the Chalcedony Quartz family and displays a beautiful array of colours ranging from Aqua Blue (which gives it its name), to green and brown. Aquaprase is a really hard stone, with a hardness between 7.5 and 7.75 on the Mohs scale, making it a feat for any sculptor to carve.

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