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 UKAMA GALLERY welcomes Oriane Lee Johnston for an Authors Book Signing  JOIN US Sunday, November 27 from 2 till 4pm



Oriane Lee Johnston

for an

Author's Book Signing


Sun., November 27

from 2 till 4pm

"The Geography of Belonging"

A Love Story set in Zimbabwe

An unexpected liaison with an African horseman builds a courageous and tender bridge across classic cultural divides. The backdrop is present-day Zimbabwe in all its political, economic and ecological complexities. Oriane Lee Johnston’s memoir takes the reader from her island home on the west coast of Canada into southern Africa as it is today, exploring ethical relations with land, with culture, the sacred and the human heart.

The Geography of Belonging is about longing and loss, commitment and impermanence, about the ethics of generosity and raises questions of identity for a 6th generation Canadian as she maps an intimate journey through the terrain of the heart, the body and the earth.

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We are delighted to introduce to you the beautiful paintings by Dutch-born Karel Doruyter. Karel has been painting since the early 90's. His paintings are recognisable by their unique texture, which is created by a method he developed about ten years ago. It is adding a tridimensional effect in certain areas of focus.

Karel has had a large number of solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the USA, and Australia,

His paintings are now on view at the gallery on Granville Island.

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Ukama Gallery is pleased to introduce Canadian Landscape Artist Joel Mara. Joel's paintings capture the serene beauty and majesty of Canada's iconic wild places. Painted in a unique style, with a distinctive colour palette, his work radiates tranquility. Colour is a significant key to Joel's style. Mixing colours is a time consuming process as he continuously searches for new shades. His application is thick and textured: yielding beautifully subtle images with animated surfaces.

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