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Upon returning from Europe mid-November I was inspired to experiment with a new, different medium – a free flow style executed by pouring the paint in large and small quantities on the canvas to create a spontaneous effect. The mixing of the paint to balance the composition with colour and form is vital at the moment when creating.

If an artist only has one mode of expression, then he only needs one style. I search for interesting subject matter that has vibrance and movement; then incorporating this emotion into my subject involves the viewer, transporting one to another world. The challenges of different subject matter are always inspiring and fascinating; I enjoy working straight eight to ten hours, intensely, with high energy; this becomes a real physical workout on my larger works.

Paul Ygartua

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Shannon Cross was born in Vancouver and grew up in Penticton, BC. Her formal education began in Kinesiology which led to policing in the city of Edmonton for ten years. Upon meeting her h

usband, she began living and traveling throughout the United States and Europe. Her experiences in Europe - the natural landscapes, cityscapes, and vivid colours - drew her interest tow

ard painting. Shannon currently resides in Kelowna, BC with her husband and two young children.

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Bi Yuan Cheng was born in 1957 graduated magna cum laude from Jing De Zhen University in 1983. Bi was raised in Jinan, China. Under the guidance and encouragement of his father, Bi began practicing art at age five. At age eleven, Bi was mentored by one of China’s most prestigious art professors who further developed Bi’s already considerable skills in oil and watercolour. Many of his works are on display at the University Art Museum. In 1987, Bi’s distinguished career was recognized with the title of “Chinese Art Master” and in 1989, he was accepted into the prestigious Chinese Encyclopedia of Art.

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