Ukama Gallery is proud to represent emerging and renowned artists from throughout Zimbabwe. From private studios located in the country’s bustling capital of Harare, to ecologically diverse rural artist cooperatives — Zimbabwe offers a world of inspirational surroundings to its carvers.


For more about the history of the Zimbabwean Sculpture Movement, we are pleased to offer a glimpse into one of the country’s most cherished creative hubs, the Tengenenge village of sculpture artists, which sits remotely at the foot of the Great Dyke between Mvurwi and Guruve…

Tengenenge is a village of sculpture artists located in a remote region of Zimbabwe. The film explores the history of the village, and reveals a slice of life in Tengenenge, a community that has withstood the odds and continues to survive because of its people's passion, energy and solidarity. Tengenenge is a glimmer of joy and optimism in a country on the brink of collapse.


Director: Jacquelyn Lobel

Cinematographer: Daniel Atkins

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