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Cultural Connections: Modern Realism in Zimbabwe

Special Exhibition & Live Sculpting Demonstrations

April 27 - May 15, 2019

At Ukama Gallery & The Ocean Art Pavilion on Granville Island

Special event in Vancouver, Gallery Exhibition, Live sculpting

April 27-May 15, 2019 Ukama Gallery hosts a new edition of “Cultural Connections”, a special exhibition that includes live sculpting demonstrations by a Zimbabwean master carver, offering a rare intimate window into the art, history and traditions of the contemporary Zimbabwean Sculpture Movement.

Works from the renowned Tandi family and other master carvers will be on display, offering exceptional examples of modern realism in the Zimbabwean fine art tradition. The realist motif is expressed in nuanced busts and animated natural figures of extraordinary detail and sensitivity. These carvings bring exotic variegated hard stones such as butterjade and verdite to life, in sculptures that are emblematic of the exceptional artistic achievements of the world-renowned artistic community in Zimbabwe.


  • WATCH our Zimbabwean artist-in-residence demonstrating his sculpting skills, making raw stone come to life.

  • LEARN and APPLY traditional techniques for carving and polishing the stone.

  • EXPERIENCE Zimbabwe through the stories of the Zimbabwean artists and Canadian curators.

  • ENJOY fantastic works of art by hundreds of international sculptors and local painters.

  • It's FREE, kid-friendly, wheelchair accessible.

  • FREE 3 HOUR PARKING is available After the exhibition.

  • EXPLORE Granville Island, one of Canada’s most celebrated cultural hubs featuring myriad artisan shops and independent art galleries.

For more information, contact Daria or Janine at or 778 379 0666

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