• Ukama Gallery

Textural Explorations: Live Painting Demonstration with Monica Gewurz


Saturday, August 4th, 11-5pm

“My paintings reflect the scope of imagery viewed from the vastness of space or through the lens of a microscope. The contrasting nature of the organic and its window to dream-like places fascinate me”.

Join us at Ukama Gallery to watch Vancouver-based contemporary abstract artist Monica Gewurz creating an evocative mixed media painting on site.

Working with texture and layers, Monica will be showcasing her talent of expressing nature in an abstract way, encouraging the viewer to be moved by its beauty, and creating a mood that will seduce the eye and inspire the spirit.

Watch in awe, chat for insight, and certainly, enjoy!


To see amazing works of art by Monica as well as hundreds of other talented Canadian artists and Zimbabwean sculptors, visit the Ukama Gallery at 1802 Maritime Mews on Granville Island.

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