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Making Stone Come to Life: Patrick Sephani's Live Art

Spring gave Granville Island's visitors a fantastic chance to meet Patrick Sephani, internationally renowned Zimbabwean Master Carver. For 2 weeks Patrick was showcasing his incredible stone carving skills at the Ocean Art Pavillion.

Patrick Sephani working on his new opalstone sculpture

Being offered a rare glimpse at the contemporary Zimbabwean Sculpture Movement’s art, history and traditions, viewers enjoyed watching the artist make raw stone come to life using only hand tools.

Exploring the contemporary Zimbabwean Stone Movement

Patrick’s works are incredibly expressive of mood and emotion. He has the ability to make use of the natural and spiritual elements of stone to create his distinctive works of art.


To see more fantastic works of art by Patrick as well as hundreds of other talented Zimbabwean sculptors, visit the Ukama Gallery at 1802 Maritime Mews.

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