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Primordial Abstraction: Depth & Illusion

Artist in attendance: January 26, 3-5pm

When: January 19-31

Where: Ukama Gallery

The drama and originality of the new collected work by Paul Ygartua in this exhibition is achieved through the nuanced interplay of shape, colour and texture. The illusion of depth is striking and consistent, brought to life on a backdrop formed by two completely different media: traditional canvas and transparent plexiglass, the medium developed by the artist in 1980. The effect is to reveal impulsive, passionate and energetic aspects of our universe - the deepest, ineffable mysteries of life captured with simplicity and eloquence. The emotional impact is deliberately direct and powerful. Visit the exhibition or come to meet this prolific artist on Saturday, January 26, 3-5pm at Ukama Gallery on Granville Island.

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