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Monica Gewurz

Born in Lima, Peru, Monica Gewurz immigrated to Canada in 1976 where she obtained her Fine Art Certificate from Emily Carr University in 2014. Her work is inspired by natural formations, interpreting the visual and emotional beauty of the stunning transformations created by nature. Energetic, organic and textural, her jewellery is exquisitely unique.

Patricia Montgomery

Patricia Montgomery's creations are made from a variety of media. Her journey with organic materials led her to working first with pearls eventually incorporating silver, gold and copper. Themes and shapes from nature guide her to create hand-made, artistic and beautiful jewellery.

Ted Seeberg is a visual artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He inherited his interest in art from his father and grandmother, both talented painters, and has pursued his love for drawing and painting throughout his life. Ted studied art at Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design before pursuing an education in architecture. He developed a successful career as a residential designer, working for various architectural firms, as well as launching his own design company, Ted Seeberg Design Ltd.

Despite his conventional career path, Ted continued to fulfill his need for artistic expression – drawing, painting and escaping to the wilderness for inspiration as often as possible. Now dedicating his time to painting, Ted continues to examine his geographical surroundings through his artwork, surveying the raw, complex beauty of Canada’s west coast.

Ted’s work is held in private collections in Canada, United States, China, Malaysia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.

Ted Seeberg's paintings are now on view at Ukama Gallery and online.

Inquiries welcome.

Artist’s Statement

Preferring to express myself in a figurative-abstract hybrid, I am drawn to ambiguous images. Following the words of B.C. artist Jack Shadbolt, who noted a good painting “should hit you in the eyeballs,” I am uninterested in recreating pretty, scenic views, but in creating an alternative with impact. My goal is to start with an acknowledgement of the landscape and move from there into colour, texture, composition, and extrapolation. Regardless of the subject, I want to create an experience that will challenge aesthetic values rather than the intellect. Visual art as visual art.

Jack Shadbolt is quite simply my hero. His work is so strong that I have not yet bought a book about his art to avoid being artistically overwhelmed. I also hold many other painter's work in high esteem. This includes the distorted personal imagery of Phillip Guston, Chaim Soutine and Francis Bacon; the unflinching truthful/ugliness of Egon Schiele and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner; the use of paint by Balthus, Willem de Kooning and Marc Chagall; the playfulness of David Hockney and Paul Klee; the patient observation of E.J.Hughes; and finally the ability of Georgia O'Keeffe to create a religious icon out of the simplest natural element.

July 12 – September 25, 2019

Ukama Gallery, Granville Island

Ukama Gallery is honoured to welcome Rufaro Ngoma, an acclaimed sculptor from Harare (Zimbabwe). Known internationally for his whimsical, elegant sculptures carved out of the hardest stones, Rufaro Ngoma is returning to Canada.

During his residency at Ukama Gallery, Rufaro will be sculpting from raw stone, showcasing his artistic process, and giving art enthusiasts on Granville Island a rare opportunity to experience Zimbabwean stone carving first-hand.

“I was born an artist, it is inside me, it forces me to sculpt,” says Rufaro “My art is very important to me. It is my message to the world, a universal language that anyone can understand, and it appeals to everyone. Through the language of stone, I can express love, promote peace and share my cultural beliefs.”

With his work in figurative sculpture, Rufaro draws on the rich traditions of African cultures. The human family, the interconnectedness between man and nature and the wisdom of ancestors are intertwined themes in his work. The stone itself is an important source of inspiration. The artist’s dialogue with the stone is dynamic and ongoing throughout the creative process, with his original concepts subject to inspired change. Please join us at Ukama Gallery to become part of this journey.

Contact the Gallery for more details at 778 379 0666 or gallery@ukama.ca


Rufaro Ngoma was born in 1981 in Nyanga, a beautiful mountainous region near the Mozambique border with a strong sculpting tradition. He completed both his primary and secondary education at Avila Missionary School, excelling in arts and crafts. While he spent much of his years as a young man herding cattle, playing banjo guitar, and moulding animals with clay, these were simply the preliminary steps in aiding Rufaro to pursue a career in carving stone sculpture.

After he left school, Rufaro apprenticed with his cousin Cephas Mashaya. Cephas introduced him to his family’s sculpting workshop in Harare and in 2002 Rufaro was invited to join them. He continues to be an active member of the workshop.

Although he lives in Harare, Rufaro still visits his original rural home in Nyanga frequently and continues to be inspired by the beauty of the region. From small intimate carvings to towering proclamations of art and beauty, Rufaro’s work is highly sought after internationally and his work is collected by both galleries and private collectors throughout Germany, Holland, the UK, South Africa, Canada and the US.