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I am a Vancouver-based artist. I was born in Roubaix, France, but I grew up in both France and Belgium. I earned a bachelor's degree in Digital Art in Brussels. My passion for fine art painting is self-taught. All expressions come from the same root; everything is energy in different degrees of vibration. My paintings are an investigation to symbolize energy through movement. It is expressionist and meditational work. I paint the aura of a living being, a material, or a place. Even when I paint portraits, the image is first emotions, and then a figure. Whether in the presence of a curious public during a live painting, or alone in my studio - nothing is stopping me, my arms, or my hands ... there is eternity in those moments. The mind races with sudden and abrupt gestures... sometimes soft and tender, sometimes fast and striking, resulting in a variety of emotions with their own unique energy.

I paint to forget myself... to embrace the primordial, universal breath that all beings must take when they are born, and to continue living. Days when my inner resonance is in harmony with my outer environment - is when the canvas is completed without any hesitation. I am most influenced by Georges Mathieu, Willem de Kooning, or the philosophy of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy (art of the single brush stroke.) 

Some people recognize me as the painter with black gestures; others see my strokes like musical notes from a jazz concert!

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