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Born in 1968, Dominic Benhura is in a league of his own. He began his career in carving at the age of ten when he studied under his cousin, Tapfuma Gusta, a master sculptor. After selling his first piece professionally to an architect at the age of twelve, Dominic has continued to excel as an artist at an exponential rate, and has become one of the most renowned artists to ever emerge from Zimbabwe.  The artist's work is bold and daring; impressively capturing balance and movement both physically and emotionally. Dominic is constantly exploring new ideas, concepts, techniques and methods in order to express and communicate powerfully simple and pure ideas. Nature, family and his relationship with his children remain his main inspiration.

Dominic often combines materials such as steel, wire and stone to create a beautiful mixed medium, which works together in harmony. The stone itself is selected for its luminosity and color, and is carved, ground down, and reconstructed to create his work. What Dominic has achieved -- maybe more than any other artist of his time -- is his ability to create instantly recognizable work. Just as the Mona Lisa instantly ignites da Vinci's name, or the way an image of a Campbell's soup can will forever be bound to Warhol, the whimsical playing children in stone are quintessentially Benhura. 


Dominic's work has been included in many major exhibitions both in Zimbabwe and internationally. He has also been involved in workshops in Botswana, USA, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He now works out of his home and is passing down his knowledge and skill to many international artists and local apprentices.

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