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David White was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, into a family of multi-faceted artists. His brother, for example, is a guitarist for a popular group in Zimbabwe. Growing up in such a creative environment, David discovered at a very young age his strong passion for sculpting.


In the rural area of Chiweshe in the North Eastern part of the country, David found himself being surrounded by serpentine stone and was Introduced to sculpturing by the many local artists working with serpentine, David was only ten when he decided to pursue a career as a sculpture artist.

Noticing his talent in the early stages, sculptor John Nyakusengwa took David from Chiweshe to Harare as an assistant, where he was exposed to a vast field of contemporary art. Moving on to new experiences, David began to work with Sam Kuvhenguhwa, whose skilled guidance and impassioned mentorship helped to shape David into the exceptional artist that he is today.


With his experience and his sheer passion for sculpture, David has developed a very unique style, which focusses primarily on the human figure. Moreover, some of David's most sought-after works feature intricate appreciation of "the hairstyle". Expressive curls meander into optically bold abstractions, and exemplify extraordinary femininity, which has become the artist's trademark.


David White lives and works out of Zimbabwe and his work can be found in private and public collections around the world.

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