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Cloudious Muhomba is a member of the Korekore tribe and was born  in 1970 in Guruve, Zimbabwe. From an early age, Cloudious was exposed to sculpting through his community where he took a great interest in the art form and started to observe artists and their techniques. At fifteen, he carved his first sculpture: a beautiful representation of a monkey. 


In 1991 Cloudious moved to Tengenenge, a well known artist community north of Harare, where he  made the decision to dedicate his life to a career in sculpting. Today he is renowned for his spectacular renditions of lizards; from the small and delicate to the magnificent, grand, and imposing huge creatures that now grace and enrich worldwide collections.

A devoted and conscientious artist and family man, Cloudious's  work has been exhibited since 1992 in many countries, such as the Netherlands, Australia,  the U.S., Cyprus, Canada, Britain, and South Africa.

1802 Maritime Mews, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

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