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Jonathan was born on December 25, 1974 in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe.  In 1989, when he was only 15 years old, Jonathan's dear artist friend, Square Chikwanda, invited him to come to Tengenenge Sculpture Village to try stone carving. This was the beginning of what would become Jonathan's calling. 


Jonathan spent six months at Tengenenge, and learned the basics of sculpting under Square Chiwanda's guidance. While his time there was integral to his development as an artist, Jonathan decided that rural life was not for him, and moved to  the capital city, Harare. There he met and worked under the tutelage of the late Joseph Ndandarika at the Kentucky Hotel. It was a formative period for the young Jonathan, who was taught a great deal by the masterful Ndandarika. His mentor's influence can still be seen in Jonathan's work through a combination of familiar composition, the composure of expression, and in the fluidity of line.


After Ndandarika passed away in 1991, Jonathan moved to Hatfield, a suburb of Zimbabwe, and began to work on his own. 


In 1997, Jonathan joined the Chapungu Sculpture Park as part of the revered Artists' Residency Program. He is undoubtedly one of the major young talents of Zimbabwean stone sculpture today and is quickly working towards joining the likes of world-renowned artists Dominic Benhura and Amos Supini, with a style both in line with Zimbabwean tradition, yet explorative of innovative technique and subtle sensuality. Jonathan's work can be found in corporate and private collections around the world.

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