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Carol was born in England and moved to Canada at a young age, being the daughter of an airforce pilot, she lived all across Canada during her childhood. During her early adulthood, she traveled and worked worldwide while pursuing a modelling career. Living in Japan, Los Angeles, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany, she gained a diverse education and exposure to the arts. Despite the enriching experiences, she yearned for a traditional home to raise her growing family.


In 1991, she settled in Victoria on Vancouver Island with her husband and children. It was in Victoria that she rediscovered her passion for art and began painting, which had been a lifelong dream. Carol is self-taught, resulting in a distinctive and original artistic style. Known for her bold brushwork, use of palette knives, vibrant colours, and intuitive approach, she quickly gained recognition for her work.


Carol currently operates from her studio in Victoria. After reigniting her love for art a few short years ago, she quickly gained local acclaim and international recognition, with features in several magazines and publications. In 2021, Carol was honoured as one of 'Gold Lists’ Top Contemporary Artist of the Year by Art Market Magazine, a delightful and unexpected recognition. As an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, her artwork has been showcased nationally and internationally, residing in private and corporate collections across the USA and Canada.


Artist Statement


My subjects are varied, but more often are depictions of nature; landscapes, florals and seascapes. Not seeking to perfectly render a scene or capture exact detail, but rather to capture the feeling and emotion. At the same time I’m chasing beauty. I like to start a painting with no intention or plan, laying down colours, shapes and lines, responding in the moment. I will add layers, scrapping into the paint, until I start to see something take shape. Often a landscape, sometimes a floral emerges. This is when I get excited and start to pull the image up from the canvas, still trying not to think too much and allow it to flow without force.


Art and the journey of creating reflects the journey of life. For me it’s about trust.Learning to trust and accept what is and being fully in the moment, authentic and honest. It’s not even about the final result, (although it’s lovely when I create something I love), for me it’s really about the bravery it takes to face a blank canvas, overcome my fear, and just paint. 

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