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Bi Yuan Cheng was born in 1957 and raised in Jinan, China. Under the guidance and encouragement of his father, Bi began practicing art at age five. At age eleven, Bi was mentored by one of China’s most prestigious art professors who further developed Bi’s already considerable skills in oil and watercolour. This rewarding relationship lasted 10 years and greatly influenced his future success.

In 1983, Bi graduated magna cum laude from Jing De Zhen University. Many of his works are on display at the University Art Museum. In 1985, Bi tackled landscape and sculptural design. His marble sculpture “Teasing Swan” stands in Jinan’s Central Park.



In 1987, Bi’s distinguished career was recognized with the title of “Chinese Art Master” and in 1989, he was accepted into the prestigious Chinese Encyclopedia of Art. That same year, Bi designed a fountain filled with water lilies, the city’s official flower that stands in Jinan Center Square.

Bi immigrated to British Columbia, Canada in 1990 where he continues his masterful career in oil and acrylic painting as well as in mural painting.

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