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April Ponsford is a Modernist painter born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, where the breathtaking wilderness gave the artist an early appreciation for the physical beauty of our land. Ponsford's stunning body of abstract work sings nature's inspiration, just as the artist's vivid and inherent sense of creative intuition is evident in her brushstroke. Ponsford offers a glimpse of her process,


"The richness and sanctity of a wild landscape, the value of intact places have always sustained and nurtured me physically and spiritually. I engage a creative process that is at times fluid and intuitive, at times measured and intentional. I move from painting a depiction of place to conveying an inward journey of connections: between people and place, and between past and present, making invisible visible. Impressions "from the heart", ultimately is rooted in my experience, work process, kindled by reality and sprung from the senses."


April Ponsford currently makes her home on Vancouver Island. Her paintings can be found in private collections in Japan, throughout Europe and across North America.

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