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Photo by Tatiana Rivero Sanz

 Born in Lima, Peru, Monica immigrated to Canada in 1976 where she obtained her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. An Emily Carr graduate, Gewurz lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and travels extensively throughout  the world studying different art forms.

Monica's abstract landscapes aim to reflect the moods of Nature. Captured on canvas or in silver, her work draws on the exceptional landscape of the Pacific West Coast, and worldwide tribal symbolism. Applying thick layers of acrylic paint with palette knives that develop a 3-D effect which suggests organic energy, flow and movement, Gewurz' style is exceptionally unique. The complex surface and depth in her paintings is created using multiple techniques: overlaying thin and thick layers of opaque and translucent acrylic colour gels, inks, silver and gold leaf, and incorporating natural materials including sand, paper, fabric, stones, pearl dust and stone.


Monica is drawn to the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing the feeling and emotion on canvas, reflected in her luminous layers and enticing textures. Eliminating recognizable details in her work, Monica explores the texture of metal patinas, the patterns of light as it reflects across water and the radiance of both calm and stormy skies. Ethereal and luminous landscapes, evoke both the visceral and tactile senses, while expansive skies elicit a sense of mood and ever-present calm, leaving a space for herself and the viewer to wonder, imagine and dream.


Monica has received many international awards and featured in interviews and press releases. Her paintings have been exhibited at numerous galleries in British Columbia and in Washington. Her artwork can be found in private and public collections in Canada, Asia, throughout Europe and across North America


Gewurz is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Lions Bay Art Council, the North Van Arts. She proudly donates proceeds to several not for profit organizations

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