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Itayi was born on the November 18th, 1975 in the Rusape district of Zimbabwe and was the first born in a family of eight. At the age of 11, when Itayi had finished his primary schooling, he moved to the city of Chitungwiza. It is here that the burgeoning arts scene in the city would undeniably propel his decision to become a sculptor.


In 1994, the artist's uncle Richard Mupumha encouraged Itayi to start stone sculpting under his guidance. He served a two-year apprenticeship, after which he began to build a name for himself. At present, he is a full-time sculptor, working close to the Chitungwiza Arts Centre where his brother Onias is based.


Itayi's sculptures, in part, defy the stones from which they emerge. Fluid lines follow the stones' hard surfaces to create some of the most striking abstracted forms to come from the contemporary stone carving movement in Zimbabwe. 


Highlights for Itayi include being selected as one of four artist to participate in an artist exchange at Sonkala Yonkala in Luanda, Angola with Angolan artist Joa Mayembe; being chosen as a featured artist alongside his brother Onias for UK-based exhibitions by Guruve; and a 2001 joint exhibition at Msande Gallery in Berlin Germany.


Partnered with Ukama Gallery, Itayi is thrilled to be on his way to becoming an internationally-celebrated artist.

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