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Edwaard (Eddie) Masaya was born in 1960 in the mountainous region of Nyanga in Zimbabwe. He learned to sculpt from his internationally acclaimed cousin Moses Masaya.  Masaya spent nearly two years honing his techniques under Moses's expert instruction. He then moved to the rural area of Guruve where he further refined his skills working with another famed Zimbabwean artist, Brighton Sango.


Masaya has developed a remarkably unique style that relies heavily on shape and texture. He rarely applies wax to his pieces, preferring natural stone surfaces and colors. Through his deft use of chasing hammers and tungsten-tipped punches, Masaya generates geometrically precise lines throughout many of his works. His subject matter ranges broadly from deeply personal to more cultural themes. Exaggerated, almost ghostly shapes seem to dance within Masaya's work, making it some of the most sought after contemporary sculpture in the world.


Masaya has exhibited internationally since the 1980s and works from Dominic Benhura's group studio in Harare.

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