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Fourth generation to be born in Victoria, Patrica Montgomery is very proud of her deep ancestral roots on Vancouver Island. Raised by parents who preferred a quiet lifestyle, Patrica spent a great deal of time exploring old logging roads, remote lakes, beautiful forests, and wild, west coast beaches. During that time she developed a love of nature, and was taught by her father to respect all forms of life, no matter the size.


In her formative years, Patrica was drawn to her father's carpentry workshop where she would 'work' alongside her Dad.  It was here that she learned the concepts of construction, the importance of accurate measurements, as well as the details of finishing. All these years later when she files, sands, and polishes a new piece of jewellery, she remembers her father handing her a sanding block and telling her to 'get to it'.  


Although Patricia always wanted to learn to draw and paint, it wasn't until her time at the University of Victoria, where she enrolled in the faculty of education with fine art as her major, that her creative streak really began to emerge.


Over the decades Patricia explored her hand at multiple media forms and now 'floats' between spinning, knitting, weaving, sewing, quilting, felting, and jewellery. For Patricia these disciplines are never isolated as they continue to overlap and influence each other in different ways.


Considering herself a life long learner and that her profession was learning, Patrica jumped in and inadvertently discovered the traditional way of knotting pearls on silk. Enjoying a great deal of success and popularity, she was in her 60's when she added silverwork to her list of accomplishments.  Always looking for ways to improve her work and a better, different way to do things.Reticulation, granulation, hollow work, casting, and hand hammering are all a part of her work.

Each piece by Patricia is unique, one of a kind, and will not be recreated in exactly the same form. Her biggest thrill is when a piece of her work is so loved by someone that they just can't live without it. 


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