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Jeanette Jarville is a professional, award-winning artist from Vancouver, who lives and works from her studio in Crescent Beach, British Columbia. Her distinctive style draws from a strong background in figure drawing and classical painting. Jeanette's abstract and semi-abstract paintings beautifully combine spontaneous fluid marks, structured form, and composition and are being recognized for their unique and imaginative bold gestures, compelling colour, and dynamic composition. 


She began classical oil painting at the age of 11, received a District Art Scholarship, an Arts Council Scholarship and Honours upon graduation. Jeanette was accepted into the renowned Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 1992. She was awarded four more scholarships for the work she was producing there, receiving her Bachelor's Degree of Fine Art in 1996. She also studied sculpting and painting at The Weissensee Fine Art Academy in Berlin, Germany.


Jeanette has been awarded nine public art commissions, received The Mayors Art Award for Artistic Innovation, Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, Award of Excellence, 3rd place in Masters and People's Choice Awards in 2018, The Grand Prix Plein Air competition, a People's Choice Award at the Surrey Art Gallery. Additionally, she is also a popular instructor and juror. Jeanette's art can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Her paintings have been featured on television, in movies, many news articles, magazines and has been exhibited throughout Canada and internationally. Jeanette's artworks have also been shown in The McBride Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon, and The Venice Biennale, Italy.



My creative process is an expressive energy of exploration and discovery, of give and take between form and abstraction. I am naturally drawn to strong lines, fluid movement and our emotional connection to colour. Working from imagination, my paintings evolve from an inner place of 'feeling it' as I go. Visions, nature, water, and the most personal form, the body, all influence my work. Having no predetermined outcome I allow my work to take me on an artistic, intuitive, journey. Mindful of fresh and exciting directions I can chose to follow as I move through the piece. Honing in on images and objects that may appear and accentuating them as the work unfolds, the finished piece can be surprising. Titles are important to me, they weave stories into my work and begin or direct a dialogue. My intention is to connect to what I see or what I think I see, and be curious to what it may mean.