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"Moving into abstraction after many years of traditional and technical painting gives me the freedom from the representational limitation of my art. This allows me to explore the relationship of form using my love of composition and color.

I am truly inspired by the color psychology that is fundamental to our beautiful, natural world. I find the colors chosen, be it by the client or myself, that there is a "feel right" energy accumulated that leads to a performance. The colors, shapes and forms set mood-altering effects that communicate curiosity and 

effectively move away from the recognizable images. The process of mixing cold wax and oil gives each piece a jolt of buttery colors speaking to us consciously or subconsciously. This sends a message evoking a desired mood, both appropriate and supportive to the specific environment.

My technique stresses the contrast of the medium's strength, power and force juxtaposed against the unique qualities of delicate softness."

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