July 12 – Seotimber 25, 2019

Ukama Gallery, Granville Island

Ukama Gallery is honoured to welcome Rufaro Ngoma, an acclaimed sculptor from Harare (Zimbabwe). Known internationally for his whimsical, elegant sculptures carved out of the hardest stones, Rufaro Ngoma is returning to Canada.

During his residency at Ukama Gallery, Rufaro will be sculpting from raw stone, showcasing his artistic process, and giving art enthusiasts on Granville Island a rare opportunity to experience Zimbabwean stone...

Artist Talk: June 29, 2019, 5 pm

Artist in Attendance: June 29-30, 2019

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, Ojibway artist, IceBear, will be unveiling his new monumental work, 'The Calling', a contemporary interpretation of The Seven Fires Prophecies. Inspired by the ancient teachings of the Anishinaabe people, 'The Calling' is the embodiment of the artist’s unique Visions that reflect his beliefs about the necessity of understanding the natural world around us. Appearing in a shape of a traditional nativ...

Jun 22– Jun 23, 12 - 5 PM

Ukama Gallery, 1802 Maritime Mews, Granville Island

Average sea levels have risen along most of the B.C. coast over the past century. While scientists rely on charts and graphs when presenting the effects of climate change on water levels, Vancouver-based artist Monica Gewurz, who is both a scientist and an artist, decided to create a series of paintings to bring awareness to this important environmental issue in hopes of inspiring action.

Ethereal sea-scapes and jewelry...

Special Exhibition & Live Sculpting Demonstrations

April 27 - May 15, 2019

At Ukama Gallery & The Ocean Art Pavilion on Granville Island

April 27-May 15, 2019 Ukama Gallery hosts a new edition of “Cultural Connections”, a special exhibition that includes live sculpting demonstrations by a Zimbabwean master carver, offering a rare intimate window into the art, history and traditions of the contemporary Zimbabwean Sculpture Movement

Works from the renowned Tandi family and other master carvers will...

Artist in attendance: January 26, 3-5pm

When: January 19-31

Where: Ukama Gallery

The drama and originality of the new collected work by Paul Ygartua in this exhibition is achieved through the nuanced interplay of shape, colour and texture. The illusion of depth is striking and consistent, brought to life on a backdrop formed by two completely different media: traditional canvas and transparent plexiglass, the medium developed by the artist in 1980. The effect is to reveal impulsive, passionate and...


Thursday - Friday, November 22-23, 11-5pm


The artist will be demonstrating her artistic talent in the gallery and presenting her new collection "Traces of Memories". Profoundly inspired by the natural elements that surround the artist, Ponsford’s new works are a unique West Coast allusion to mid-century mastery.

Watch in awe, chat for insight, and certainly, enjoy!

Artist statement: “The richnes...

Dominic Benhura, an internationally renowned stone sculptor from Zimbabwe and IceBear, an Ojibway artist from Vancouver Island, successfully completed their collaborative work of art at Ukama Gallery. 

Called Mother Earth, the sculpture rests on a boat resin base shaped like a drum to represent the drumming that is common to both cultures. The main vertical section features a tree-like form with branches made from lightweight non-toxic 2 part resin.

It is growing upwards from aki — the earth — rep...


On September 20-25, 11:00 - 4:00 PM

Collaborative Live Sculpting with indigenous artists Dominic Benhura (Zimbabwe) and IceBear (Canada), Artist Talks ​

This September, Ukama Gallery brings together two leading lights of the international art world. Against the multicultural backdrop of Vancouver, this meeting will highlight collaboration between artists who are uniquely emblematic of the rich artistic traditions of Canada and Zimbabwe.

Dominic Benhura arrives in Va...


Saturday, August 4th, 11-5pm

“My paintings reflect the scope of imagery viewed from the vastness of space or through the lens of a microscope. The contrasting nature of the organic and its window to dream-like places fascinate me”. 

Join us at Ukama Gallery to watch Vancouver-based contemporary abstract artist Monica Gewurz creating an evocative mixed media painting on site.

Working with texture and layers, Monica will be showcasing her talent of expressing nature in an...

Spring gave Granville Island's visitors a fantastic chance to meet Patrick Sephani, internationally renowned Zimbabwean Master Carver. For 2 weeks Patrick was showcasing his incredible stone carving skills at the Ocean Art Pavillion. 

Being offered a rare glimpse at the contemporary Zimbabwean Sculpture Movement’s art, history and traditions, viewers enjoyed watching the artist make raw stone come to life using only hand tools. 

Patrick’s works are incredibly expressive of mood and emotion. He has...

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